Lies, damning photos, and a deceitful mother all complicate life for Ensley and Jack. Chastity, Jack’s mother, spent nearly thirty years in prison for murder. It dimmed her beauty, but not her arrogance. She brings with her the man who knocked Jack around as a child, the one who went to prison for the same crime.


Chastity demands all the money her mother left Jack. Along with the claim, she brings half-truths, death, and knowledge of Jack’s father. She knows who the opposing forces are who have influenced Jack’s career. They are the same people behind Ensley’s kidnapping a month ago.


Chastity’s companion turns up dead. Now, faced with a murder charge, she demands the son she neglected protect her.

To compounded the turmoil fake e-mails and photos of Ensley with another man show up. Everything builds until Ensley and Jack are torn apart. The chaos turns everyone’s attention away from searching for the murderer in their midst. Ensley and Jack have to save their relationship, find the killer and get the unwanted woman out of their lives. The high price of the resolution alters lives and changes relationships.